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I Fear No Evil

Only Fear God

I laugh a lot...and I speak french. J'aime les fraises et les Oreos.
aaliyah, african-american history, alicia keys, america's next top model, backstreet boys, beverly hills cop, bikes, billy talent, brendon urie, buffy, cheese, chrono cross, coldplay, craig david, daniel powter, dave chappelle, denzel washington, destiny's child, dirty dancing, disney movies, don cheadle, earth wind and fire, eddie murphy, edward scissorhands, fake leather chairs, fall out boy, flutes, france, french fries, fresh prince of bel-air, friends, gangs of new york, girl interrupted, glory road, grand theft auto, grey's anatomy, haiti, harry potter, heroes, in living color, ipods, irobot, jackson 5, jada pinkett-smith, jamie foxx, jamiroquai, jesus., jim carrey, joaquin phoenix, josh holloway, kanye west, keane, keanu reeves, laptops, lauren hill, les miserables, little women, lord of the rings, lost, lupe fiasco, malcom x, medicine, michael jackson, mike myers, miracle on 34th street, missy elliot, montreal, moulin rouge, music of the 70s/80s/90s, my wife and kids, no doubt, notorious b.i.g, nursing, oreos, panic! at the disco, parks, pirates of the caribbean, play station, prince of egypt, psycho, queen, queen latifah, rap, ray charles, robin williams, roswell, sawyer kate, set it off, shrek, sims 2, sister act, skunners, snl, speed, star wars, stevie wonder, street fighter, the fugees, the lion king, the little rascals, the matrix, the pianist, the simpsons, the wizard of oz, tupac, u2, unicorns, walk the line, wayans brothers, white chocolate, whitney houston, whoopi golberg, will smith, wyclef jean, xmen, youtube